What Can You Put In A Rental Dumpster?

Ready to conquer your cleanup projects with the ultimate dumpster rental experience in Oklahoma City? We know you’ve got deadlines to meet, superintendents to keep happy, and projects to conquer. Cubic Waste Solutions is your trusted partner to tackle your disposal needs with precision and finesse, ensuring a smooth project that stays on schedule.  

What do you do if you’ve got mountains of debris, waste, and the aftermath of your latest triumph? You call in the big guns – us. But before tossing everything in sight, let’s clarify the rules.

 What Can You Put in a Dumpster?

1. Construction Debris: From fallen drywall to decor from your outdated office space, chuck it all in. Our dumpsters can handle the heavy lifting.

2. Demolition Discards: You knocked down that old, rickety structure? Good for you! Now, toss those remnants into our dumpster, and we’ll dispose of them.

3. Renovation Residue: Consider it gone, whether it is outdated fixtures or ancient carpets. Our dumpsters are hungry for change, and they’re not picky eaters.

4. Green Waste: Your neighbors applaud you for your landscape overhaul. Put that unsightly pile of branches, leaves, and grass clippings in our care, and we’ll make sure they find a new purpose.

5. Household Junk: Need to clear out the clutter from your attic or give your garage a facelift? Our dumpsters are ready for the challenge of any big clean-up.

What Can You NOT Put in a Dumpster?

Now, for the disclaimer, our dumpsters are tough but have their limits. Here’s the lowdown on what you cannot put in a dumpster:

1. Hazardous Materials: No toxic chemicals, please. We’re all about a clean, safe environment, so keep those hazardous substances far away. Disposing of these products varies by your home or business location. 

2. Electronic Waste: Old gadgets and gizmos deserve a proper farewell. Don’t toss them in the dumpster; recycle them responsibly.

3. Tires and Batteries: These bad boys have different destinations. Take them to the recycling center, and we’ll stick to handling the bulkier stuff.

Remember, a dumpster’s power is in fulfilling its purpose. By following these guidelines, you keep our dumpsters happy and ensure a smooth operation that stays on schedule.
At Cubic Waste Solutions, we don’t just offer dumpster rental services; we deliver peace of mind. Trust us to handle your waste; we’ll ensure your projects roll on smoothly. Give us a shout, and let’s tackle your waste together!

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