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Rent a Dumpster of Any Size

10 Yard Dumpster Rental Oklahoma City OK

10 Yard

10 Yard

Our 10-yard dumpster is perfect for smaller residential projects. It’s ideal for tasks like kitchen countertop installations, bathroom remodels, and garage clean-outs. Say goodbye to endless garbage bags and make your home improvement project cleaner and more efficient with this compact, yet spacious option.

15 Yard Dumpster Rental Oklahoma City OK

15 Yard

15 Yard

Need a bit more space for your project? Our 15-yard dumpster is great for bathroom remodels, attic clean-outs, or tackling small construction and landscaping projects. 

20 Yard Dumpster Rental Oklahoma City OK

20 Yard

20 Yard

For larger home improvement endeavors, such as multi-room renovations, carpet replacement, concrete disposal, or deck demolitions, our 20-yard dumpster offers the perfect solution. We offer two different dimensions of our 20-yard dumpster in order to best accommodate your specific project. 

30 Yard Dumpster Rental Oklahoma City OK

30 Yard

30 Yard

When you’re undertaking major residential projects like large-scale remodeling or garage demolitions, our 30-yard dumpster has you covered. With its significant capacity, it accommodates substantial amounts of waste while still fitting comfortably on your property.

40 Yd Dumpster Rental Oklahoma City OK

40 Yard

40 Yard

Our 40-yard roll-off dumpster is the heavyweight champion for the most substantial commercial or residential projects. It’s recommended for large-scale demolitions, commercial roofing jobs, water and fire remediation, and more. When you have massive waste removal needs, trust this behemoth to get the job done efficiently.

Trash Compactor Rental Service Oklahoma, OK

Dumpster Rental Oklahoma City OK

At Cubic Waste Solutions, we offer a Trash Compactor Rental Service that enables you to maximize efficiency, save money, and improve your waste management process. Trash compactors are powerful pieces of equipment designed to compress waste materials, significantly, reducing their size and volume. With our rent-a-trash compactor service in Oklahoma City, OK, you have a single solution for efficient waste elimination.

Benefits of a Trash Compactor

Our Trash Compactor Rental Service offers a range of benefits, including:

  • Cost Savings: Trash compactors significantly reduce the number of required waste hauls, resulting in significant long-term savings.
  • More Usable Space: Compactors increase usable space by reducing the number of required containers holding waste.
  • Aesthetics and Odor Control: Compactors help ensure a cleaner and more organized appearance and also minimize odors in the process.
  • Enhanced Safety: Compactors reduce clutter, giving employees greater security and reducing their risk of accidents.

Our Trash Compactor Rental Service

With the trash compactors we offer at Cubic Waste Solutions, you have the standard convenience provided by a traditional dumpster combined with greater storage space. Deposited waste is tightly compacted within a self-contained, locked dumpster compactor unit, keeping your waste materials in place until they are collected.

Our trash compactor service includes everything from the delivery of your compactor to the setup of your unit to any required maintenance, and final retrieval and waste disposal.

Rent a Compactor Near Me in Oklahoma City, OK

For more information about your trash compactor rental needs and how we can help you enhance your waste management process, give us a call today at (405) 261-9105 or leave us a message through our contact form.

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Does a roll-off dumpster rental fit my project needs?

If you anticipate that your project will last longer than several days and you personally plan on filling the container yourself, then we would highly recommend renting a roll-off dumpster.

Where will the dumpster be placed?

You may provide us with your placement preference. send us with a photo or connect with one of our professionals to determine where your dumpster will go. Our smaller dumpsters fit in most standard driveways.

How long can I keep my dumpster rental?

Our standard rental period is 14 days. If you need to keep the dumpster longer, let us know when you sign up or when we call to confirm your pickup.

Do I need a permit to rent a dumpster in Oklahoma City?

Depending on where your dumpster is placed and the scope of your project, you may require a permit. If so, please have your permit before you rent your dumpster. If you are not sure, connect with one of our professionals to we will help you find out.